Super mario bros movie game


An engaging side-scrolling 2D platformer, "Super Mario Bros. Movie Game" transports players into the world of Super Mario for a great journey. 
The New Super Mario Bros. U is the newest in the long-running series of games starring everyone's favorite plumber, Mario.

The game has a wide variety of innovative upgrades that breathe new life into the Mario formula. Players will face many trials and tribulations in their journey to save Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser.

The goal is simple yet addictive: run, gather coins, and use them to free fan-favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, Toad, and more. The game's richness and diversity are enhanced by the characters' individual skills and ways of playing.

Fans of the series and newbies alike are sure to enjoy "Super Mario Bros Movie Game" for its faithful recreation of the series' trademark side-scrolling platforming action, vibrant graphics, and exciting gameplay.

If you like platformers with a dash of magic and adventure, or if you're just a Mario lover, this game will take you on a wonderful trip through the Mushroom Kingdom. Put on your red hat and get ready to run, jump, and stomp your way to victory in "Super Mario Bros. Movie Game"!

by Kiz10