Super Runcraft Game


Super RunCraft" is a fun, Minecraft-inspired 3D running game. In this intriguing game, players are faced with steering their figure over an immense Minecraft-themed environment, all while collecting rows of dazzling golden coins and a number of exotic objects, like the Hoveboard, along their running route. 
The goal is to avoid colliding with any obstacles while sprinting as far as possible. 
 The game has the ever-popular mechanic of infinite running, making it fun and exciting for players of all ages. 
You'll be sucked into the quest of high scores and unending pleasure as you race across this amazing Minecraft environment. Fans of both infinite runners and the Minecraft environment will find "Super RunCraft" to be a delightful experience. 
Get ready for an exciting journey across this beautiful Minecraft world by lacing up your virtual jogging shoes. 
Can you get the maximum score possible by acquiring all the coins, unique objects, and overcoming all the challenges? "Super RunCraft" will provide you with a terrific and entertaining time.

by Kiz10