T rex n y online Game


 T-Rex N.Y. is a fast-paced demolition game that guarantees a whole lot of carnage and mayhem. Play as a giant, savage robot T-Rex and tear through the busy streets of New York City in this exciting game. 
 In other words, what is your goal? Inflict maximum damage by rampaging and destroying anything in your way. 
The city is your battlefield; destroy buildings, cars, and everything else in your path to prove your might. Players may feel the excitement of controlling a massive robotic T-Rex on a quest to cause havoc in this game's rapid and exciting action. Your destructive powers will be put to the test as you travel through the game and face more difficult difficulties and obstacles. 
 You may unleash your inner monster in "T-Rex N.Y.," an action-packed adventure that allows you to shatter buildings and crush automobiles. 
Get ready to stomp, roar, and inflict mayhem in the middle of New York City as you pilot the fearsome T-Rex. Can you take over the city in this high-stakes demolition game? 
Prepare to be surprised!

by Kiz10