Perfect tokyo street style Game


Join Elsa, Anna, Moana, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine as they arrange a weekend fashion surprise party with their closest pals. They've settled on dressing in true Tokyo street style for this special occasion. Explore their closets and aid them in putting together fashionable looks for the streets of Tokyo. Let's get this party started and have some fun!


Elsa, the Stylish Trendsetter

Elsa wants to put her own spin on Tokyo street fashion and become known for her frosty sense of style.
Her clothes need to be a mix of high fashion and street style.
Anna, the Fun and Experimentative Fashionista

Anna is always trying out new, interesting looks.
Make sure the clothes you make for her are as vibrant and lively as her character.
Moana, the Free-Spirited Traveler

Moana favors a more boho take on Tokyo's chic streetwear.
Dress her in voluminous gowns, layered necklaces, and neutral hues.
Ariel, the Most Up-To-Date Mermaid

Ariel can't wait to update her Tokyo streetwear with some marine-inspired pieces.
Dress her with hues and accessories that evoke the water.
The Classical Elegance Aficionado: Snow White

Even in the fast-paced world of Tokyo street style, Snow White values classic beauty.
Make ensembles that have the edge of current streetwear but yet have timeless elements.
Jasmine: She's the Ultimate in Exotic, Luxurious Style

Jasmine hopes to achieve a balance between the exotic and the luxury in her Tokyo street style.
Create her outfit from of luxurious materials, eye-catching designs, and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Pick a princess to dress as your first project.
Look through their closet to see examples of trendy Tokyo streetwear.
Create a unique and eye-catching ensemble by combining different garments, haircuts, and accessories.
The procedure should be repeated for each princess to ensure their outfits reflect current trends in Tokyo's streetwear scene.
Reveal the princesses' final ensembles during the fashion show.
Criteria for Selection:

Players may rack up points by recreating each princess' look in today's Tokyo street wear.
More gear and costumes may be obtained as the player advances through the game.

Those that excel in creating unique takes on Tokyo street style will be rewarded with fashionable badges.
Expand the princesses' closets by gaining access to new garments and accessories.