Rider online pro game


 Please accept my apologies for the Spanish reply. In English, here's how the game "Rider Online Pro" is described: "Get set for some serious flipping!" Take risks as you explore the vast landscapes of Rider. 
Start flipping your motorbike like a madman for diamonds, new motorcycles, combinations, and the chance to outdo the highest scores in the game.
 Try Rider out at no cost right now! I hope you like this brand new game. 
 The goal of the game is to rack up points and unlock new motorcycles by completing tricks on your futuristic ride without crashing. 
There are a total of 16 bicycles to get. 
To unlock new motorcycles, you'll need to rack up as many points as possible. When you reach 1000 points, the game rewards you with a random bike. Flying stunts and track collection are also good ways to rack up the points. 
 The in-game virtual money, KizCoins, are awarded for achieving in-game goals, which are shown on the game screen. 
If you want to obtain your prizes after fulfilling the goals, you must first log in. Gaining (Points) will help you move up the rankings.

by Kiz10