Robot chopter online game


 Enjoyable gaming time is guaranteed when you play "Robot Chopter," an intriguing and entertaining casual game. The goal of this exciting browser game is to guide a little flying figure through a labyrinth full with opponents and dangerous obstacles to the top of the screen. 
The sky's the limit in this one-of-a-kind adventure, only available at 
 When you get charge of the airborne protagonist, your mission is to lead it through predetermined routes. Each potential route, however, is littered with perils and hazards that must be avoided at all costs. 
It takes deft footwork and lightning reflexes to make your way through this maze without getting lost or killed. Fun and excitement are guaranteed in this free game that can be downloaded at 
You can play the greatest casual games from the comfort of your PC with's extensive collection. In "Robot Chopter," you must overcome difficult foes and perilous obstacles as you make your way across a labyrinthine terrain with several branching pathways.
 Making the right choices to overcome these obstacles is a true test of your talent and strategy. 
 Get ready to have a great time as you go on this exciting journey, flying through the labyrinth and testing your gaming abilities. Is it possible for you to guide the Robot Chopter to victory and complete the maze? Discover the answer by playing now!

by Kiz10