Super Wario riders


Featuring a beautiful environment full of mushrooms and mystical stars, "Super Wario Riders" is an exciting racing game. Players may assume the roles of well-known figures, such as Mario's dependable sidekicks Luigi, Toadette, and Toad. 
Their aim is to rescue Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser by leading our heroes safely through a succession of increasingly difficult stages. 
 Players will enjoy heart-pounding races across beautiful environments while dodging hazards, gathering upgrades, and outsmarting rivals. As they progress through the levels, players face new and exciting challenges as they sprint towards the castles in pursuit of the princess.
 Prepare to be swept away by the mushroom-fueled enchantment of "Super Wario Riders" as you set out on a perilous mission to rescue the princess.
Players of any age will be captivated by the game's compelling narrative, stunning graphics, and exciting action. Join the trip of a lifetime through a world packed with pleasure and excitement and enter the race of a lifetime!

by Kiz10